Wednesday, September 12, 2012


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Give Mayor Ed Lee and key city officials

an OCCUPY book report!

At the opening of the recent San Francisco International Poetry Festival, 
Mayor Ed Lee announced to the crowd that with all his official duties 
he had no time to read poetry. 

                                        NO TIME FOR POETRY? 

Around the world, leaders value poetry, and provide better examples 
of creative literacy to children. No wonder the Mayor has such 
little regard for the spirit and principles of the Occupy movement. 

Let’s help him and other city officials rise from 
dull-heartedness to poetic inspiration!

In honor of the first year anniversary 
of the Occupy Movement, we are launching a
book distribution campaign for
OCCUPY SF—poems from the movement

OUR CAMPAIGN: Please purchase a copy of Occupy SF—poems from the movement to be placed in the hands of city officials for the “Give Mayor Ed Lee an Occupy Book Report” program (this is your perk). Since this is funded by members of the public for the enlightenment and literacy of their own trusted public servants, government officials will be expected to read the book, select favorite poems, and publicly comment on how they plan to address the concerns so artfully expressed throughout the book.

             ALL proceeds from sales of books benefit Occupy.

We will hold a public event before the November elections where city officials can personally share their book reports or provide emails to be read by contributors to the anthology. 

OCCUPY SF—poems from the movement

represents the genuine voice of the community’s highest political aspirations, with such inspiring contributors as Lawrence Ferlinghetti, Francisco X. Alarc√≥n, Brenda Hillman, devorah major, Jack Hirschman and activist rock poster artists Chuck Sperry and Ron Donovan.

Co-editors Virginia Barrett and Bobby Coleman, plus the publishing team at Jambu Press/Studio Saraswati, are dedicated to positive social change and the power of poetry to help bring about peace and justice for all.